Clamp Shoes – Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality project for “Clamp Shoes” footwear company.
The main goal of the project was to reach more clients through an augmented reality experience, so they can view and try other brand’s shoes through an app for Android and iOS devices.

I also developed a flyer with the steps for its use. This flyer contains the QR codes to download the 3D objects (shoes) and a augmented reality marker with the logo of the brand, this flyer was included in the shoes packaging, to enable customers to view and try other shoes using this technology.

I used the photogrammetry technique to create three dimensional photorealistic shoes models. The 3D object was generated with very dense mesh, with millions of polygons, then it suffered an hard work of polygonal reduction and modeling restructure in a 3D software.
For photo shoots I used a balanced illumination across the shoe area and some specific technical conditions so that the shoe would not be deformed to the generated 3D model.
I also developed an animation for the collection “Music”,  for this animation were used layers with patterns of this collection.

You can try it, just download and print the flyer:

Developed with:
Autodesk Maya, Inglobe Technologies AR-Media plugin, Autodesk Recap 360, Adobe Photoshop & Camera Raw, Adobe Illustrator.

Some images from project development and taken from the app: