João Carneiro – Portrait

Photographic project for the musician and music professor João Carneiro (2013).

Besides being a teacher and an integral member of several musical projects of different genres, João is a reference in classical guitar, and some of the photographs of this project were used for publications, articles, events, etc.

For this photographic production I made two sessions, one in studio and one at the artist study and rehersal place.
For photographic sessions I had in mind the essential rules for a good portrait, such as a good focus (with the eyes as the main focus reference), a balanced illumination without harsh shadows, the use of appropriate lenses (instead of wide angle) and a wide apperture to reduce the depth of field.
I didn’t made post production width Adobe Photoshop, I just made some adjustments with Adobe Camera Raw.

Used Software:
Adobe Camera Raw.

Cameras and Lenses:
Medium Format Camera – Fuji GX680 with digital back sinarback 54 FW (studio session);
dSLR Camera – Canon 600D with Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens (João study and rehersal Place).

Some images of the project: