Nos Primavera Sound – Disclosure

In 2014 one of the largest communications companies, OPTIMUS, was merged with another large company in the sector, ZON, resulting in a new company, NOS. The main sponsor of the Primavera Sound festival in Portugal was OPTIMUS, in that year has become NOS.
The new company brand identity was not very well accepted by the general public, so the main goal of this project was to counteract this bad acceptance, making a disclosure and a tablet design wireframes of Primavera Sound with an appealing image, never loosing the rules of the NOS brand identity and the concept of the fest itself.

For this project I designed and developed a B2 size poster (50 x 70 cm), an A4 size foldout flyer (squared) and a Tablet (768 x 1024 px ) prototype.
I kept the logo, the typography and the black color of brand identity manual. I used a modular grid to keep all the elements aligned in coherence.


Developed with:
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop.

Images of the project: